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In case the server-side checkout is used, the "patch" that is passed from the server to the agent can be retrieved by:

  • add property the property system.agent.save.patch=true to the build configuration.
  • trigger the build.

the build log and the agent log will contain the line "Patch is saved to file ${file.name}"
Get the file and provide supply it with the problem description.


The changes that are sent from the IDE to the server on a remote run can be retrieved from the server .BuildServer/system/changes directory. Locate the <change_number>.changes file that corresponds to your change (you can pick the latest number available or deduce the URL of the change from the web UI).
The file contains the patch in the binary form. Please provide send it with the problem description.


If the settings are the same and you do not use the manual checkout mode but the problem is there, do the following:

  • Provide us with your IDEA VCS settings and TeamCity VCS settings (for the build configurations you expect to be suitable with your IDEA project)
  • Enable debug logs for the TeamCity IntelliJ plugin (see above)
  • Enable the TeamCity server debug logs (see above)
  • In the TeamCity IntelliJ plugin, try to start a remote run build
  • Provide us with the debug logs from the TeamCity IntelliJ plugin and from the TeamCity server.