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  • URLs with paths starting with a dot (the "." symbol) are supported (path to hidden artifacts start contain the ".teamcity" directory)
  • URLs with a colon (":" symbol) are supported (many TeamCity resources use the colon). Related IIS setting. Symptom: build has no artifacts with "No user-defined artifacts in this build." text even if there are artifacts.
  • maximum response length / time are not too restrictive (since TeamCity can server serve large files to slow clients, the responses can be of Gb in size and hours in time)
  • gzip Content-Encoding is fully supported. e.g. certain IIS configurations can result in the "Loading data..." in UI and 500 HTTP responses (see the related issue)
Other servers


TeamCity version 2018.1 is not vulnerable to the issue as it was identified and addressed in the TeamCity codebase before the official Tomcat announcement (actually, the issue was found in a TeamCity installation and we worked with the Tomcat team on fixing it). Earlier TeamCity versions are vulnerable, so upgrade upgrading to TeamCity 2018.1+ is necessary.