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h2. Changes from 2018.1.x to 2018.2.x

h3. Known issues:
- If upgrade fails with error in MoveCustomDataStorageToDatabaseConverter, please apply workaround from this ticket: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-58289#focus=streamItem-27-3207962-0-0
h3. Bundled Tools Updates
- TeamCity now uses HSQL 2.4.1 as the default internal database.
- The bundled .NET Tools (dotCover and ReSharper CLT) have been upgraded to the latest released version, 2018.1.4
- Since TeamCity 2018.2 OpenJDK is included in the Windows .exe TeamCity distribution (before 2018.2 Oracle Java was bundled with TeamCity Windows distribution).