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Angular - malformed code causes issuesNode.js36082IDEA202979Can't assign non-array value to an array in Expression Evaluation Java. InspectionsUsability146217IDEA propose to modify 'throws' for method in scratch filesJava Scratch: Missing intentions (1) Create local variable (2) Create parameter and (3) Rename reference201903Scratch files: Missing quick fix "change type" for class fields
No subsystemFeatureWEB-35815Improve syntax highlighting for Angular templatesBugBugWEB-36065Sometimes editor shows Angular 2+ attributes as not allowed. This is the message. "Attribute (click) is not allowed here less... (Ctrl+F1) Inspection info: This inspection highlights unknown HTML tag attributes as invalid, and lets mark such attributes as Custom to avoid highlighting them as invalid. "WEB-35931Auto-inserted brace breaks the code in JS object with braceless lambdas
BugWEB-35807The gutter icon for "Implemented" is shifted to the left when it merges multiple icons
BugWEB-35701Crosslined description in confirmation dialog
JSONBugWEB-35514Comma is inserted in an incorrect place when pasting value with a trailing newline symbol
 BugWEB-35693Compliance with JSON standard inspection does not highlight comments correctly
 BugWEB-35493JSON schema validation validates itself
HTMLBugWEB-33621'Collapse empty tag' removes variable inside the tag (react.js)
JavaScriptBugWEB-36073ES6: import from node core modules are broken
BugWEB-35584Intellisense breaks for classes with methods
BugWEB-35650Incorrect view of Structure view in case of generics in class constructors
BugWEB-35605Blacklist for JavaScript parameter hints doesn't work
BugWEB-29718'Has subclasses / implementations' line markers can be duplicated
BugWEB-35677[React] Warning in super(props) on constructor
BugWEB-35653Webpack validation shouldn't validate non-literal expressions
BugWEB-35645Syntax analysis never completes for redux reducers using immutable.js
BugWEB-35610Move statement up and down handle comma properly with object destructuring
FeatureWEB-35748ESnext private and async static class members: allow private static and relax modifier order for async
FeatureWEB-32824Allow hiding override/implement left gutter icons
FeatureWEB-35752Support ESNext throw expressions
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-22494Wrong indentation after breaking line in React JSX code
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-35983Improve code completion for Angular bindings
FeatureWEB-35815Improve syntax highlighting for Angular templates
FeatureWEB-28529Vue.js instance autocompletion
BugWEB-35313Angular - support templates referenced through import statement.
BugWEB-35681ReactJS code completion doesn't work after project creation
BugWEB-35586java.lang.Throwable: Failed to load schematics exception is thrown on attempt to start invalid Node.js version
BugWEB-35674Make vue.js default language level - es6
BugWEB-33446`@ViewChild()` decorator. Support find usages/rename
BugWEB-35848Component's properties/methods are not resolved in pug templates
BugWEB-29774AngularJS: don't inject AngularJS in `@` component binding value
BugWEB-35842Find angular component by selector not working
BugWEB-35941Angular 2 HTML binding auto-suggest doesn't treat custom components Input() and Output() as relevant
BugWEB-3611135868Type information on template reference variable looks bad
BugWEB-31760Code completion is broken for variable bindings ("as") in Angular templates
BugBugWEB-35868Type information on template reference variable looks badWEB-358182018.3 RC - Angular template not recognizing 'undefined' keyword
BugWEB-36065Sometimes editor shows Angular 2+ attributes as not allowed.
BugWEB-Having // in package json refreshes indices forever
UsabilityWEB-35680node_modules folder is marked as library root after unexcluding
36092Every EAP version since 182.4323.23 has been unusable for me (conflict between Angular and PHP in language substitution)
BugWEB-36111Angular - malformed code causes issues
BugWEB-35566Overriden methods are listed twice in the completion list
BugWEB-35755Angular: canonical form attributes are validated as unknown
BugWEB-35687Angular Service doesn't work for html files
BugWEB-34753Lifecycle hooks should not be in the completion list
BugWEB-35749Input property is not recognized if it's get/set with accessors
BugWEB-35256Error while loading schematics info
BugWEB-33370Angular: innerHTML binding is not resolved/suggested for completion
BugWEB-35635Angular: support comma separated list of names in `exportAs` property of a directive
TypeScriptBugWEB-35803Error while import date-fns functions in vue-component
BugWEB-35743Typescript - Implement constructor dialog does not respond to ALT+N (Select none)
BugWEB-35761Typescript: "Create method" incorrectly computes insertion anchor for aliased type literals
No subsystemBugWEB-35760Wrong find usages for method override
BugWEB-intellij idea 2018.3 does not finish scanning files to index
BugIDEA-202396IDE switches to wrong tab when dragging tab to different window
Compiling ProjectBugIDEA-201089XMLInputFactoryImpl exception on any attempt to build project with IBM JDK
DebuggerBugIDEA-20238035596Generics in JSX and whitespace
BugWEB-35551Import are marked as error when overriding baseUrl in child config
FeatureWEB-34802Support TS 3.2 BigInt type
FeatureWEB-35522Support TS configuration inheritance via packages (TS 3.2)
FeatureWEB-35664Support TS 3.2 generic rest and spread
DebuggerBugWEB-35630node debug connector isn't listening to debug port
 BugWEB-35534Duplicated 'Drop frame' action in debug tool window
 BugWEB-35073Not changed object value on changes via evaluation window
 BugWEB-35418Changing built-in web server port breaks JavaScript debug configurations
DartBugWEB-35712Dart Indexer doesn't work with mixins yet
Build toolsBugWEB-12263Grunt console support for ANSI terminal
Unit testing BugWEB-35642IntelliJ adds `--require ts-node/register` when running Mocha + Typescript tests causing failure
 BugWEB-35698'No tests found in <test_file>' when run karma test
Node.jsBugWEB-36082Having // in package json refreshes indices forever
 BugWEB-35640Problems with accelerators/shortcut keys in Run/Debug Configurations
 UsabilityWEB-35680node_modules folder is marked as library root after unexcluding
No subsystemBugIDEA-202396IDE switches to wrong tab when dragging tab to different window
DockerBugIDEA-202435Adding Docker requires email that has nowhere to enter
BugIDEA-202514Docker: Dockerfile fails to run from the Editor with automatically created run config
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-201625Text jitter in editor when tabs are used for indentation (on a fractional-scale monitor on Windows)
BugIDEA-202087Broken indentation (scaling 250% or higher)
Find, Replace, Find UsagesCosmeticsIDEA-202206Search everywhere: Type / to see commands
 BugIDEA-200011Replace in pre-selected text doesn't Java. Intention ActionsFeatureIDEA-197852work any more
User Interface: NavigationBugIDEA-197872Select in... is broken in new Search Everywhere
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-202935Regression: cannot install IntelliJ IDEA in silent mode if intermediate directory is missing
 BugIDEA-201878Uninstall previous installations: There is bin folder with uninstall.exe after uninstalling
Platform APIPerformanceIDEA-202315UAST TreeBasedEvaluator consumes a lot of CPU
Plugin DevelopmentBugIDEA-202885DevKit: constant assertion when using xi:include with <depends> in plugin descriptors
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-200855SVG displayed in Quick Documentation popup ignore any size hint and are too large
Template Languages. FreeMarkerBugIDEA-202190Freemarker Inspection About Date type
TerminalBugIDEA-202821Blank terminal
BugIDEA-200854Regression: "Close session" and "Select Next/Previous Tab" no longer works in terminal since latest build
BugIDEA-202523Opening Embedded Terminal starts with: "cp: overwrite '/home/<username>/.WebStorm2018.3/config/terminal/history/history-'? " since updating to WebStorm 2018.3
ExceptionIDEA-203045Start ssh session is broken in 183.3795.24
User InterfaceBugIDEA-183544Artifacts Application icon setting missing