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See our documentation on how to configure and start a secondary node.

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By default, a secondary node acts like a read-only node: it does not modify data, shows the user interface in a read-only mode and is well-suited for disaster recovery tasks.


Installation of new plugins has become much a lot simpler. It is no longer required to restart the server to enable a newly uploaded plugin.

Besides, if you disabled some of the bundled plugins on your TeamCity server, enabling them does not require the server restart now.

In addition, there is now a nice an integration between the JetBrains Plugin Repository and TeamCity server itself. For instance, when you start browsing plugins by clicking “Browse plugins repository” button from your TeamCity server, you can share information about your server (URL, server id and version) with plugins repository, and benefit from the simplified installation of the plugins.


For the cases when it is not clear whose changes actually broke the build, you can assign the default user to investigate the problem. It is also possible to exclude some users (e.g. system users or the users no longer working on the project) from investigation assignment. See our documentation for details.

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Show Kotlin DSL for Build Configurations


TeamCity agent now tracks docker images tagged or pulled during builds (the list of images is stored in the buildAgent/system/docker-used-images.dat file). During cleanup / freeing disk space, TeamCity agent tries to remove these images if they were not used for a few days and disk space requirement must be satisfied.


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