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  • TeamCity 2018.1.4 (build 58724) Release Notes

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TeamCity 2018.1.3 (build 58658) Release Notes
TeamCity 2018.1.2 (build 58537) Release Notes
TeamCity 2018.1.1 (build 58406) Release Notes
TeamCity 2018.1 Release Notes


  • TW-39006 - Schedule Trigger in Build Templates does not provide an option to edit the Branch Filter
  • TW-40816 - Too many open files / Agent process keeps handles to maven artifacts
  • TW-44351 - VCS trigger in Build Template does not allow editing branch filter
  • TW-53800 - Commit Status Publisher fails for TFS on-premises SSH Roots
  • TW-54536 - UI build config container in a build chain overflows if current step contains windows file path
  • TW-55831 - dotnet shared compilation services (remaining in memory) prevents cleaning of checkout directory
  • TW-56544 - Failed gradle test was reported as successful
  • TW-56771 - Not Run tests are reported as Passed (dotnet test)
  • TW-56888 - The Nuget Feed returns 404 for an copied project
  • TW-57094 - 'Hidden artifacts' link on search page doesn't work
  • TW-57107 - Always hide Branches selector for collapsed project on overview.
  • TW-57172 - Sometimes layout is broken on project overview page for builds with long branch names.
  • TW-57260 - Change VS Add-in download link on the R# Inspections tab
  • TW-57286 - Test details page is broken when the test is running in more then 1000 configurations on Oracle DB
  • TW-57307 - Wrong changes popup content on REST-based UI builds: popup shows changes from other builds (promotion id != build id case)
  • TW-57308 - New branch selector doesn't allow keyboard selection
  • TW-57469 - Docker Connection: unable to create a connection for registry on ProGet
  • TW-57479 - JS error - "undefined is not an object" when navigating with keys in branch selector
  • TW-57556 - Branch label is shrunk on overview page
  • TW-57563 - NullPointerException in BranchNameGenerator.vcsRootValues
  • TW-57648 - Exception on R/O server on attempt to publish statistic value
  • TW-57673 - NuGet and Powershell runners does not work on Windows Server 2003
  • TW-57721 - Docker Wrapper doesn't use DOCKER_xxx environment variables
  • TW-57759 - "View server settings" permission does not infer from "Change server settings" permission if role is associated with a project
  • TW-57835 - .Net cli build step: Service Messages not working as expected
  • TW-57867 - REST API build artifacts download responses prevent artifact caching
  • TW-57937 - "Test connection" windows cannot be resized

Performance Problem

  • TW-57521 - Memory leak on read only in downloaded artifacts logger code
  • TW-57524 - Build queue page can open slowly because of internal REST API request
  • TW-57528 - Global health item can slowdown web UI
  • TW-57547 - Overview page can be slow because of CSRF tokens generation which is caused by internal REST API calls to obtain build JSON
  • TW-57554 - Update method to reduce amount of reflows
  • TW-57579 - Performance issues within the agents overview page
  • TW-57838 - NotificationProcessor threads can consume a lot of CPU
  • TW-57889 - Memory leak on DiskUsage BuildTypeScanImpl objects

Usability Problem

  • TW-23413 - overview.html's branch label isn't wide enough for git-flow conventions: "feature/thefeaturename"
  • TW-57389 - React-based branch selector popup is too narrow


  • TW-43381 - Custom Run dialog: empty line appears when clicking "Reset" on Parameter tab