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Installing via ZIP File

  1. Make sure a JDK (JRE) 1.8.0_161 or later (Java 6-10 are supported, but 8 but 1.8.0_161+ is recommended)is properly installed on the agent computer.
  2. On the agent computer, make sure the JRE_HOME or JAVA_HOME environment variables are set (pointing to the installed JRE or JDK directory respectively).
  3. In the TeamCity Web UI, navigate to the Agents tab.
  4. Click the Install Build Agents link and select Zip file distribution to download the archive.
  5. Unzip the downloaded file into the desired directory.
  6. Navigate to the <installation path>\conf directory, locate the file called buildAgent.dist.properties and rename it to buildAgent.properties.
  7. Edit the buildAgent.properties file to specify the TeamCity server URL and the name of the agent. Please refer to Build Agent Configuration section for details on agent configuration.
  8. Under Linux, you may need to give execution permissions to the bin/agent.sh shell script.


    On Windows you may also want to install the build agent windows service instead of the manual agent startup.





  1. Installed JDK(JRE) 6-10 (8 is recommended1.8.0_161 or later is recommended). The JVM should be reachable with the JAVA_HOME(JRE_HOME) global environment variable or be in the global path (i.e. not in user's .bashrc file, etc.)
  2. The unzip utility.
  3. Either wget or curl.


  1. Installed JDK/JRE 6-10 (8 is recommended1.8.0_161 or later is recommended).

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    {hidden-data}recommended. No preinstalled JRE required. Zipped JRE will be downloaded from the TeamCity server during the installation phase (there is no JRE's zip bundled to TC Server now, you have to put "agent-jre-win32.zip" archive under "TEAMCITY_SERVER_ROOT/webapps/ROOT/update" folder). {hidden-data}

  2. Sysinternals psexec.exe on the TeamCity server. It has to be accessible in paths. You can install it using Administration | Tools page.
    Note that PsExec applies additional requirements to a remote Windows host (for example, administrative share on remote host must be accessible). Read more about PsExec.


A TeamCity build agent is a Java application and it requires JDK version 6 or later to work. Oracle Java SE JDK 1.8.0_161 or later, 32-bit is recommended. Java download page


The (Windows) .exe TeamCity distribution comes bundled with Java 1.8.0_161.
If you run a previous version of the TeamCity agent, you will need to repeat the agent installation to update the JVM.


If a build agent uses a Java version older than the recommended Java 8 (e.g. Java 6 or 7), you will see the corresponding warning on the agent's page and a health item in the web UI.