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Build 2018.2.11

24 Fixed issues
24 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13225 sbt shell input not focused when expected
  • SCL-12708 Incorrect highlighting of vararg methods passed as parameters to h/o functions expecting functions taking varargs
  • SCL-14152 Scala plugin considers vararg case class field as an incorrect override for SeqT method
  • SCL-14307 Scala plugin delete the whole Scala file when I want to "remove unuse element".
  • SCL-14224 False warnings about missed implicits in scalatest code
  • SCL-14211 Exhaustive match completion: infix expression case
  • SCL-14212 Exhaustive match: explicit case class companion module
  • SCL-14216 exhaustive match: imports
  • SCL-14137 Exhaustive match generate nothing for sealed class and its decendants
  • SCL-14298 exception from akka props inspection
  • SCL-14181 expected type for arguments should check implicits before expected type of an invocation
  • SCL-14264 False "no implicits found" hint
  • SCL-14302 semantic highlighting: variable pattern
  • SCL-14082 resolving subpackage should respect scope
  • SCL-14206 Wrong types generated for implementation of a Java interface
  • SCL-14223 Wrong inspection message in `JavaAccessorEmptyParenCallInspection`
  • SCL-14208 Missing gutter icon for overriden vals
  • SCL-14090 Merge multiple gutter icons happens for overriding members, but doesn't for overrided
  • SCL-14278 Scalastyle-consistent formatting of imports is not consistent with Scalastyle
  • SCL-14270 convert to a method reference: wrong suggestion if method takes implicit type class instance
  • SCL-14238 wrong highlighting of argument in block
  • SCL-14293 wrong "method overrides nothing" message for dependent parameter types
  • SCL-13420 Red code for shapeless Witness on negative literals
  • SCL-14172 Scala parameter/type hints do not work

Build 2018.3.1

0 Fixed issues
0 Fixed issues