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Build 2018.3.1

0 Fixed issues
0 Fixed issues

Build 2018.2.10

22 Fixed issues
22 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13431 Cannot properly highlight instantiations made through type alias
  • SCL-13919 scala plugin shows incorrect deprecation warnings
  • SCL-14207 Intellij Play run config breaks after update
  • SCL-14201 copying Scala code causes UI freeze
  • SCL-6041 Good code is red, new parameterized type alias definition
  • SCL-14196 Regression: Akka HTTP MediaTypes literals that a dot in the name don't appear in code completion and have highlighting error
  • SCL-14178 IDE hangs with Scala plug-in
  • SCL-14185 existential types are not shown in infix notation
  • SCL-14187 implicit hints are not disposed on the last offset of the file
  • SCL-14180 wrong "not found implicit" error
  • SCL-14182 scala plugin paste bug V2018.2.9
  • SCL-14140 implicit with type inference not found for constructor
  • SCL-14161 Deprecated parameter names are red
  • SCL-14166 Editor implicitly assigns type Any to predefined Double constants
  • SCL-13977 Expression in parantheses show implicit conversion twice
  • SCL-14162 NullPointerException in implicit hints
  • SCL-14199 NPE in `org.jetbrains.plugins.scala.project.migration.ImportedLibrariesService`
  • SCL-14090 Merge multiple gutter icons happens for overriding members, but doesn't for overrided
  • SCL-14159 Cannot find implicit for ActorContext
  • SCL-12233 show implicit parameter doesn't work for constructor with apply method
  • SCL-14173 hydra downloader throws npe
  • SCL-14153 "Implicit arguments Popup" doesn't appear for class declaration or instantiation