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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories


Build 2018.2.7.6

1 Fixed issues
1 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14144 highlighting missing in library files

Build 2018.2.7

26 Fixed issues
26 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13950 IDEA fails to import sbt 1.2 projects
  • SCL-13945 Project requires reimport after its closing
  • SCL-14104 Plugin doesn't save a path for scalafmt config file
  • SCL-5546 Auto-complete unapply for case classes in patterns
  • SCL-14076 Can't install 2018.2 EAP and Release plugin builds to the IDEA
  • SCL-14068 exception in case clause completion
  • SCL-14114 Scalafmt: IDEA generates incorrect code for create_test action
  • SCL-14072 sealed template definition is inheritable from Java
  • SCL-13881 Scalafmt setting's changes start to work only after IDEA restart
  • SCL-13882 Exception in attempt to run or paste code to Worksheet
  • SCL-13936 Scaladoc Parsing Error
  • SCL-14117 Scalafmt: Failed to format UnfoldPullerAsync.scala
  • SCL-14004 Scalafmt auto-suggest
  • SCL-14124 Detect both .scalafmt.conf and scalafmt.conf (without dot)
  • SCL-14041 Invalid formatting in CreateCompanionObject intention
  • SCL-14061 Wrong method calls ordering in chain Implicit conversions call
  • SCL-13555 AOT completion: support typed patterns
  • SCL-13992 Reformat on compilation
  • SCL-13939 scalafmt: wrong formatting of case clauses block
  • SCL-14091 Scalafmt doesn't reformat case clause after IDEA generates it
  • SCL-14039 Exhaustive match generates incomplete reference to values
  • SCL-14113 scalafmt: broken indent after generated "toString()" method
  • SCL-14112 Reformat on compile reformat action applies to worksheet even if it isn't treated by compiler
  • SCL-14030 Weird formatting in anon. class creation completion
  • SCL-14031 Incorrect indentation in Implement/Override Members action
  • SCL-14115 Scalafmt: formatter's error message shouldn't appear in case of incorrect code