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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories


Build 2018.2.6

76 Fixed issues
76 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12080 Implicits involving literal types are not correctly resolved
  • SCL-14076 Can't install 2018.2 EAP and Release plugin builds to the IDEA
  • SCL-13863 Suggestion to add Type Annotation for implicit arguments
  • SCL-14040 Inheritors search bug in exhaustive match
  • SCL-14063 Implicit hints: sometimes I can't navigate to project's file with implicits
  • SCL-13993 basic completion doesn't handle companion module
  • SCL-9970 Both class and it's companion object are placed to completion menu and refer to class declaration
  • SCL-14016 exhaustivity bug
  • SCL-14018 exhaustive match completion doesn't work on windows
  • SCL-14019 exhaustive match completion doesn't work for simple references to vals
  • SCL-13969 Merge multiple overrides/implements gutter icons on the same line
  • SCL-13968 Do not show SAM implementation gutter markers for Scala < 2.12
  • SCL-13849 Implicit hints: mouse navigation
  • SCL-13844 Implicit hints: show missing arguments
  • SCL-13845 Editor: show missing implicit arguments as inlay hints
  • SCL-13961 Parameter Info: show parameters even when no argument list is present
  • SCL-13847 Implicit hints: expand (...) on mouse click
  • SCL-13967 Unnecessary gutter icons for explicit SAM inheritors
  • SCL-13966 Link navigation in gutter icons is broken
  • SCL-13965 delegation of build to sbt shell doesn't work on windows
  • SCL-14046 "Implicit Arguments Popup" in context menu
  • SCL-13982 navigation to parameter opens compiled class instead of source
  • SCL-13620 completion for patterns based on expected type
  • SCL-13929 Gutter icons for overriding/overriden class parameters
  • SCL-13928 Incorrect title for class/trait gutter icon navigation popup
  • SCL-13927 Inconsistentcy between overriden and overriding member's gutter navigation popups
  • SCL-13926 Duplicate gutter icon for destructuring field declaration
  • SCL-13925 Gutter icons for functional expressions implementing SAMs
  • SCL-13924 Refactor and fix gutter icons
  • SCL-13979 Show Implicit Arguments: recursive search regression
  • SCL-14005 New fonts for Implicits Inline hints are a bit higher than provided space
  • SCL-13994 Can't expand Implicit Arguments Hint in a particular case
  • SCL-13846 Implicit hints: show recursive arguments as (...)
  • SCL-13556 AOT: completing with TAB should update type
  • SCL-14023 exhaustive match for scala.Enumeration
  • SCL-14022 Implicit hints: collapse manually expanded hints on Esc
  • SCL-14021 Implicit hints: mouse middle button navigation
  • SCL-13995 Lacking space between "//" and text in "Show Implicit Arguments"
  • SCL-14026 Implicit hints: brace matching
  • SCL-14049 Implicit hints: NPE
  • SCL-14048 implicit hints: use local presentation of types in error hints
  • SCL-14006 Implicit hints: View / Expand Implicits toggle menu
  • SCL-14001 Implicit hints: use main editor font
  • SCL-5540 make "Generate pattern match" action more discoverable
  • SCL-14003 Mouse navigation for Implicits hints has to be on Cmd+Click on Mac OSX
  • SCL-14045 "Show Implicit Hints" and "Expand Implicit Hints" in context menu
  • SCL-14008 Good code red: calling overloaded method with named parameters when implicit conversion is required
  • SCL-13555 AOT completion: support typed patterns
  • SCL-13962 Implicit hints: "Make explicit" entry in a context menu
  • SCL-13991 implicit hints: folded implicit parameters on darcula are poorly visible
  • SCL-13997 Exception in attempt to Show Implicit Arguments for RDD.rddToPairRDDFunctions function
  • SCL-13891 Implicit hints: show missing arguments as "name = ???: T", not as "?: T"
  • SCL-13890 Implicit hints: show recursively missing arguments as ...: T, not as ?: T
  • SCL-13975 no qualifiers for implicit val's in implicit argument hints
  • SCL-13976 enable "Show Implicit Arguments" action for implicit conversions
  • SCL-13970 Rename intention: "Provide inline implicit conversion" -> "Make implicit conversion explicit"
  • SCL-13626 Wrong "Unnecessary parentheses" inspection emergence in case of asterisk
  • SCL-13953 Exception in attempt to add Type Annotation for value with Literal type
  • SCL-13936 Scaladoc Parsing Error
  • SCL-13951 Invalid "useless expression" hint with Try and Option
  • SCL-13913 Trim Implicits Inline hints
  • SCL-13911 Make "Implicits" menu item more intuitively understandable
  • SCL-14038 Exception in case of exhaustive match call for Enumeration with extended the Enumeration.Val class
  • SCL-14035 implicit hints: show missing arguments folded by default
  • SCL-14036 implicit hints should remain on the same line on enter
  • SCL-14037 missing implicits: show most specific variants first if possible
  • SCL-14033 too many variants in Show Implicit Arguments and Implicit error hints
  • SCL-14017 disable exhaustive match for non-sealed classes
  • SCL-14014 `for comprehensions` semantic highlighting
  • SCL-14059 Cmd+Click navigation for implicit hints doesn't work (but Cmd+mouse_move+Click works)
  • SCL-14052 Remove Implicit Conversions and Implicit Arguments from View menu
  • SCL-13575 Type annotation settings: "Type is obvious" -> "Type is stable"
  • SCL-14050 implicit hints: show error tooltip for ambiguous references
  • SCL-14051 No "Implicits" context menu for Implicit arg. of Implicit conversion
  • SCL-14056 Enable brace matching for parentheses around implicit conversion hints
  • SCL-13738 Extend semantic highlighting to Pattern matching

Build 2018.1.10

31 Fixed issues
31 Fixed issues
  • SCL-11470 akka-http route-dsl authentication syntax issues
  • SCL-13546 Kind projector not working in cross project shared sources
  • SCL-13146 SOE in decompiler on `akka.camel.internal.ConsumerActorRouteBuilder`
  • SCL-13536 Broken structure of Quick Doc hint
  • SCL-13342 Scala JPS compiler fail when doing a rebuild due to incrementalType.dat file concurrent access
  • SCL-13664 Unable to add Scala SDK with Intellij 2018.1
  • SCL-12799 Macros do not expand
  • SCL-13829 intermittent red code with existential types
  • SCL-13714 make UnnecessaryParenthesesInspection more configurable
  • SCL-13739 unnecessary parentheses false positive for types extending function
  • SCL-13510 QuickDocTest failing on idea181.x
  • SCL-13831 Inspection offers to remove necessary parentheses
  • SCL-13200 Scala plugin gets disable when intelij starts
  • SCL-13523 New worksheet with switched off Interactive mode behaves interavtively
  • SCL-13787 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of List pattern
  • SCL-13785 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of Type Projection
  • SCL-13784 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of "new ... with ( => )" construction
  • SCL-13718 Highlight regression: F-bounded type and this.type, type inference
  • SCL-13752 Unnecessary parentheses false positive in a sequence of operators in a pattern
  • SCL-13807 Syntax highlighting freezes
  • IDEA-188307 Non-existent source folders when importing Gradle project
  • SCL-13671 NullPointerException when attempting to import an existing scala module
  • SCL-13659 Rename "definition" to "type" at 2 places in Type annotation inspection dialog and add asterisk
  • SCL-13535 follow-up refactoring after PR about unnecessary parentheses
  • SCL-13572 Extract method refactoring fails to collect parameters for local scope references in inner classes
  • SCL-13794 new file created on every processDeclaration in sbt files
  • SCL-13745 Unnecessary parentheses false positive
  • SCL-13744 Unpickling of some Scala Fails Causing there Contents to be treated as the Java in the .class files
  • SCL-13770 False positive `Unnecessary parenthesis` with infix types
  • SCL-13645 The debugger doesn't recognize 2.13 collections
  • SCL-13649 decompiler errors on scala 2.13