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  1. On the Administration | Hub Settings page provide the Hub URL of the following format http://<HubHOST>:<port>/hub.

  2. Сlick Register TeamCity service in Hub.  


    Note that the Guest user in Hub needs to be allowed (unbanned) for the TeamCity service registration in Hub.

  3. You will be redirected to the Services page in Hub. Verify the TeamCity Hub service using the Trust button. 

  4. After you trust the TeamCity service in Hub, return to the TeamCity Web interface to configure user synchronization. 


Synchronization with Hub in TeamCity allows you to:

  • Retrieve retrieve the user's profile data from Hub
  • Automatically automatically create and remove users in TeamCity based on the information retrieved from Hub


The Hub dashboard retrieves data from TeamCity using the TeamCity REST API. As such,  CORS should be configured on the TeamCity side. The following TeamCity internal properties should have to be set:

Code Block
rest.cors.optionsRequest.allowUnauthorized=true<dashboard hostname>