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How to build plugin

  • Add some Java 1.4 JDK for rt module
  • Add groovy.jar from Groovy distribution as a library to rt module
  • Select IntelliJ IDEA SDK as Project JDK
  • Add IDEA_HOME/lib/idea.jar from to SDK classpath
  • Add IDEA_HOME/lib/ant/lib/ant.jar to SDK classpath
  • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/JavaScriptLanguage/lib/JavascriptLanguage.jar to SDK classpath
  • Add IDEA_HOME/plugins/CSS/lib/css.jar and css-openapi.jar to SDK classpath
  • Add tools.jar (for Windows) or classes.jar (for Mac) from your Java SDK directory to the current IntelliJ IDEA SDK classpath
  • Run generatebuild.lexer task of ant buildfile build.xml placed in src directory of project
  • Run the make command from IDEA's Build menu
  • Run the 'Prepare All Plugin Module 'groovy' for deploymentModules for Deployment' command from IDEA's Build menu
  • A zip file will be generated in the project directory. Unzip Exit IDEA and unzip it to the IDEA_HOME/plugins directory
  • Restart IDEA