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Multiple bugfixing, including, but not limited to:

  • TW-5653 Changing VCS server settings can cause inability to view diff for old detected changes
  • TW-6399 Builds hang in "Checking for changes"
  • TW-1884 Sort failed tests on the build results by new/old (new on top)
  • TW-6075 Use optimized SVN checkout on agent (update revision only when directory is affected)
  • TW-6319 Publish artifacts, mstest, fxcop messages do not works if ##teamcity ... is not on the beginning of the message
  • TW-6321 Eclipse plugin: Perforce: RemoteRun commit fails sometimes
  • TW-6411 Perforce: DelayedCommit fails if resources to commit belongs to different Perforce's Workspaces
  • TW-5376 Provide LaunchDeamons startup files for build agents on MacOSx
  • Multiple Clearcase fixes, both for BASE and UCM
  • SVNKit upgraded to 1.2.1 version
  • Deadlock fixed which occurs when configuration files are modified during cleanup process