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  • Omea Tokaj Release Notes

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  • Possibility to copy folders and messages;
  • Possibility to save messages as .MSG files;
  • Possibility to turn off category synchronization for contacts, tasks and emails;
  • Possibility to copy and move messages between storages.;
  • Possibility to configure task folders to do or not import for tasks;
  • Other improvements.

RSS Plugin Features


Tokaj includes a rewritten control for displaying lists and trees of resources. It is currently used in the following places:

  • Main resource browser;
  • Panes in the left sidebar;
  • "Choose Resource Types", "Select Conditions" and "Views Manager" dialogs.


  • Correct operation of tooltips, multiselection and other features that did not always work properly in the 1.0 release;
  • Better incremental search implementation;
  • Use of XP themes for drawing checkboxes in the list;
  • Better performance and stability.

The following new column configuration features have been added:

  • "Show if not empty" and "Show if distinct" options for showing columns;
  • Column autosizing;
  • Possibility to apply column settings to a specific view, instead of all views showing resources of specific types;
  • Possibility to restore default column settings.

Search, Rules and Views Improvements