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  • Jaipur 2018.1 (build 57985) EAP2 Release Notes

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  • new build row presentation, featuring the artifacts icon has been added to overview and favorite builds pages
  • build configuration home page has been re-designed (besides, internally it now uses REST API to show its data)

Trusted HTTPS Certificates

TeamCity now allows to upload a so called trusted HTTPS certificate - this could be a self-signed certificate, or a certificate signed by a non well known certificate authority (CA). After that this certificate becomes trusted by TeamCity, which means TeamCity will be able to open HTTPS connections to a resource with this certificate. Previously, to allow such connection the certificate has to be imported into Java used by the TeamCity server with help of a keytool utility.

Trusted certificates are delivered to agents too, for instance if your Subversion server is behind such a certificate, all you need is to upload it to the server and both server and agent will be able to communicate with this server.

Docker Support

  • Docker support has been added to the for .NET CLI and PowerShell build runners, and these steps can now run in a Docker container.
  • Docker Build runner has been replaced with Docker Command runner with support for build, push and some other docker commands
  • AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) is now supported by the Docker plugin