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The traffic mostly depends on the settings as some those of them include transferring binaries between the agent and the server.
The most important flows of traffic between the agent and the server are:

  • agent retrieves commands form from the server: these are typically build start tasks which basically include a dump of the build configuration settings and the full set of build parameters. The latter can be large (e.g. megabytes) in case of a large build chain. The parameters can be reviewed on the build's Parameters tab;
  • agent periodically sends current status data to the server (this includes all the agents parameters which can be reviewed on the Agentagent's "Agent Parameters" tab);
  • during the build, the agent sends the sends  build log messages and parameters data back to the server. These can be reviewed on the Build Log and and Parameters tabs of the build;
  • (when the server-side checkout mode is used) the agent downloads the sources before the build (as a full or incremental patch) from the server;
  • (when an artifact dependency is configured) the agent downloads build artifacts from of other builds form from the server before starting a build;
  • (when artifacts are configured for a build) the agent uploads build artifacts to the server;