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  • Jaipur 2018.1 (build 57605) EAP1 Release Notes

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In this EAP it is finally possible to customize an inherited build step, i.e. it is possible to change every setting of the inherited build step without the need to introduce parameters.

Note that the redefined build step preserves its place in the steps order. 
Note that overriding any property in an inherited BC will fix all the other values in the resulting build config, and changing other properties of the same feature in a template will not take affect. It concerns build steps, triggers, build features, artifact deps, agent reqs, failure conditions.

Ability to have pre- and post-steps in a template

When there There is sometimes a need to define a common build step in a template, such a step should so that this step will be executed either before all build configuration steps or after them.

In this EAP build, for a given template it is possible to define such steps and then define their placement in respect to the build configuration steps. All build configuration steps are represented as a placeholder in the Reorder Build Steps dialog. Template The template steps can be placed before or after this placeholder.


  • Docker wrapper now forms build step environment more correctly and does not pass non-relevant passes the relevenat environment variables to the container. TW-53498
  • Docker wrapper can now use Gradle and Maven provided by the Docker images in the corresponding build steps. TW-54066TW-51179

Commit Status Publisher improvements

Ability to re-run build


Shared resources in composite builds


Starting from this EAP build, you can use the Shared Resources feature in composite builds. At the moment only infinite and resources with quota are supported. To enable the feature, set the teamcity.sharedResources.buildChains.enabled=true internal property.

If a composite build holds a lock on the shared resource, this lock is accessible for the builds inside the chain. to be clarified

Other improvements

  • Java 9 and Java 10 can now be used to run an agent

  • Gerrit Commit Status Publisher now allows an admin to configure custom values for success and failure instead of +1 and -1 respectively. This label is also configurable.
  • All fixed issues [TODO]