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Build 2018.1.8

22 Fixed issues
22 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12799 Macros do not expand
  • SCL-13531 Scala plugin adds "HOCON" as a top-level item of the settings dialog
  • SCL-13519 prefixed `this` and `super` completions are too aggressive
  • SCL-13542 Regression in EAP from 2017.3 when importing circe-derivation project
  • IDEA-188247 JavaSdkImpl#getVMExecutablePath returns wrong path on Windows
  • SCL-13328 SBT shell: incorrect "No JRE found" error message
  • SCL-13273 Compile Server: improve JRE selection
  • SCL-13517 Structure View: show inherited class val / var parameters
  • SCL-13371 Inline rename shifts type parameter hint to the left
  • SCL-13512 "Show local variable type hints" setting does not work
  • SCL-13470 Don't show Product with Serializable in type hint for case classes
  • SCL-13473 Structure View: display inherited Java methods using Scala notation
  • SCL-13485 Highlight error when excluding an import that would otherwise cause an ambiguous implicit conversion
  • SCL-13482 Invalid "useless expression" hint
  • SCL-13509 generate BuildInfo on import
  • SCL-13521 Structure View: use simple names for compiled types
  • SCL-13520 Structure View: show all inherited members
  • SCL-13505 Structure View: "Inferred types" button
  • SCL-13468 setting to disable return type hints for "obvious" types
  • SCL-13506 sbt shell import failure (i)gnore insterted twice on Windows
  • SCL-13466 Structure view: show containing class for inherited methods
  • SCL-13508 SOE at org.jetbrains.plugins.scala.lang.psi.types.package$ScTypeExt$.$anonfun$removeAliasDefinitions$1(package.scala:148)

Build 2017.3.15

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