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Some NGINX configuration resource:
some more NGINX params which might also relate:

client_header_timeout  10m;
client_body_timeout    10m;
send_timeout           10m;
proxy_max_temp_file_size 10240m;
Note: Some TeamCity resource names might start with

Common misconfigurations

Check that your reverse proxy (or alike tool) confirms to the following requirements:

  • URLs with paths starting with dot ("." symbol


  • ) are supported (path to hidden artifacts start contain ".teamcity" directory)
  • URLs with colon (":" symbol) are supported (many TeamCity resources use colon). Related IIS setting. Symptom: build has no artifacts with "No user-defined artifacts in this build." text even if there are artifacts.
  • maximum response length / time are not too restrictive (since TeamCity can server large files to slow clients responses can be of Gb in size and hours in time)
  • gzip Content-Encoding is fully supported. e.g. certain IIS configurations can result in "Loading data..." in UI and 500 HTTP responses (related issue)
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