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Docker Disk Space Cleaner is an extension to the Free Disk Space build feature ensuring a certain amount of disk space for a build.
Since 2018.2 TeamCity performs regular clean-up of Docker -images, related datato TeamCity: the

  • The TeamCity agent


  • tracks docker images tagged or pulled during builds (the list of images is stored in the buildAgent/system/docker-used-images.dat file).


  • During cleanup / freeing disk space, TeamCity agent tries to remove these images if they were not used within 3 days, 1 day, 0 on subsequent attempts to free disk space.  

Clean-up is also performed if there is not enough disk space on the agent at the beginning of the build. 
To clean the local Docker Caches, the docker system prune -a command is run. Since Besides that, TeamCity cleans local Docker Caches using the command:

  • Since 2018.1.2docker system prune --volumes
  • Before 2018.1.2


  • docker system prune -a

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