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  1. In the top right corner of the screen, click the arrow next to your username, and select My Settings & Tools from the drop-down list. Open the Notification Rules tab.
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    Click the required notifications type:
    • Email Notifier: to be able to receive email notifications, your email address must be specified in the General area on the My Settings & Tools page.


      Note that TeamCity comes with a default notification rule. It will send you an email notification if a build with your changes has failed. This rule starts working after you enter the email address.

    • IDE Notifier: to receive notifications right in your IDE, the required TeamCity plugin must be installed in your IDE. For the details on installing TeamCity IDE plugins, refer to Installing Tools.
    • Jabber Notifier: to receive notifications of this type, specify your Jabber account either on the Notification Rules | Jabber notifier page, or the My Settings & Tools page in the Watched Builds and Notifications area. Note that instead of Jabber you can specify your Google Talk account here if this option is configured by the System Administrator.
    • Windows Tray Notifier: to receive this type of notifications, Windows Tray Notifier must be installed.
  3. Click Add new rule and specify the rule in the dialog. The notification rules are comprised of two parts: what you will watch and which events you will be notified about. See the details below.

Email and Jabber notifications are sent only if the System Administrator has configured the TeamCity server email and Jabber settings. System Administrators can also change the templates used for notifications.


  • Execution timeout

  • JVM crashed

  • JVM Out of memory error

  • Unable to collect changes

  • Compilation error

  • Artifacts publishing failed

  • Unknown Failure reason




Select Build Configurations


List build configurations

Specify which build configurations to display in the Select build configurations or projects field. The following options are available:

  • With the external status enabled: if this option is selected, the next field shows the list of build configurations with the Enable status widget option set, and build configurations visible to everybody without authentication.
  • Available to the Guest user: Select this option to show the list of build configurations, which are visible to a user with the Guest permissions.
  • All: Select this option to show a complete list of build configurations; HTTP authorization is required. Selecting this option enables the Feed authentication settings field. If the external status for the build configuration is not enabled, the feed will be available only for authorized users.

Select build configurations or projects

Use this list to select the build configurations or projects you want to be informed about via a syndication feed.

Feed Entries Selection


Generate feed items for

Specify the events to trigger syndication feed generation. You can opt to select builds, changes or both.

Include builds

Specify the types of builds to be informed about:

  • All builds
  • Only successful
  • Only failed

Only builds with changes of the user

Select the user whose changes you want to be notified about. You can get a syndication feed about the changes of all users, yours only, or of a particular user from the list of users registered to the server.

Other Settings

The following options are available only if All is selected in the List build configurations section.

Feed Authentication Settings:


Include credentials for HTTP authentication - Check this box to specify the user name and password for automatic authentication. If this option is not checked, you will have to enter your user name and password in the authorization dialog box of your feed reader.

TeamCity User, Password - configurable when the Include credentials... option is checked. Type the user name and password which will be used for HTTP authorization.

Copy and Paste the URL into Your Feed Reader or Subscribe

This field displays the URL generated by TeamCity on the basis of the values specified above. You can either copy and paste it to your feed reader or click the Subscribe link.


In addition to the URL parameters available in the Feed URL Generator, the following parameters are supported:

Wiki Markup
buildTypeId    \| Defaults to all the build configurations. \|


Get builds from the TeamCity server located at "http://teamcity.server:8111" address, from the build configuration with ID "bt1", limit the builds to the those started with the last hour but no more then than 200 items:

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