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It is assumed that the machine images are pre-configured to start TeamCity agent on boot (see details below). The exception is the usage of agent push.


On instance terminating/stopping, its disconnected agent is removed from authorized agents list and is deleted from the system.

Amazon EC2 Spot Instances are supported.



  • ec2:Describe*
  • ec2:StartInstances
  • ec2:StopInstances
  • ec2:TerminateInstances
  • ec2:RebootInstances
  • ec2:RunInstances
  • ec2:ModifyInstanceAttribute

  • ec2:*Tags


To use spot instances, the following additional permissions are required:

  • ec2:RequestSpotInstances
  • ec2:CancelSpotInstanceRequests

To launch an instance with the Iam Role (applicable to instances cloned from AMI-s only), the following additional permissions are required:


Optional permissions

See the section below for permissions to set IAM roles on an agent instance.