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General Improvements

  • New, cleaner look of the user interface;
  • Many performance and memory usage improvements;
  • Greatly improved robustness and error recovery of the database and text index;
  • Support for Outlook 2003 style view (with message list on the left and preview pane on the right);
  • "Deleted Resources" view allows to view and recover resources deleted in Omea;
  • "Delete Confirmations" options pane allows to specify whether resource deletion needs to be confirmed by the user;
  • "Category" column displays the categories of resources in the view;
  • Added option to show the contents of subcategories when a category is selected in the Views and Categories pane;
  • Unread counters in workspace buttons are now clickable;
  • Possibility to assign a color to a workspace, so that it's always easy to see in which workspace you currently are;
  • Improved UI for message box notifications;
  • Changed the way Omea opens new browser windows, to ensure that Omea never reuses an existing IE window if IE is the default browser

Browser Integration

Tokaj includes plugins for Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox that will allow you to organize Web pages without leaving the browser.

The Internet Explorer plugin is installed automatically by the Omea installer.

To install the Mozilla/Firefox plugin, please open Mozilla or Firefox, click on File | Open File..., browse to the Omea installation directory and double-click on omeaconnector.xpi.

The plugin currently provides plugins currently provide the following features:

  • Subscribe to feed of the currently viewed page;
  • Annotate and categorize the currently viewed page;
  • Create clipping from the text selected in the page;
  • Automatically start Omea if it is not currently running.

Excel Plugin

Tokaj includes a plugin for viewing and indexing Microsoft Excel files.


Tokaj includes a rewritten NNTP plugin with the following new features:

  • Support for SSL connections;
  • Better performance and reduced number of server connections;
  • Possibility to organize newsgroups in folders;
  • Support for SSL connections;Support for canceling articles on the server;
  • Support for compressing newsgroup names and specifying custom display names;
  • Per-server configuration of all server properties;
  • Better download control options;
  • Support for news: URLs;
  • New text editor for writing news articles (with multi-level undo and many other minor improvements);
  • Better download control options;
  • Improved newsgroup subscription dialog with possibility to view new newsgroups;
  • Support for "Deleted Resources" (recycle bin for news articles);
  • Possibility to keep the article archive when unsubscribing from a newsgroup;
  • Possibility to switch encodings for downloaded articles;
  • "Save As" action for news articles;
  • Many other small improvements.

Outlook Plugin Features

  • Changed the way Outlook send/receive is performed, to improve robustness and reduce flickering;
  • Changed the way Omea works with Outlook forms, to ensure greater stability and proper operation of all form features;
  • Possibility to copy folders and messages;
  • Possibility to save messages as .MSG files;
  • Possibility to turn off category synchronization for contacts, tasks and emails;
  • Possibility to copy and move messages between storages.;
  • Possibility to enable or disable task synchronization on a per-folder basis;
  • Action to save all attachments of an email message;
  • Possibility to view the contents of Outlook folders in threaded mode;
  • Other improvements.

RSS Plugin Features

  • Support for automatic download of item enclosures (podcasting);
  • Support for importing subscription archives from SharpReader, RSS Bandit and FeedDemon;
  • Better support for reading comments to feed posts (+ signs are shown for all items with comments which can be downloaded);
  • Support for feed: URLs;
  • Support for posting comments to feeds from within Omea through the Comment API;
  • Built-in editor for weblog posts (so that IBlogExtension plugins which do not provide their own post editing UI can now be used with Omea);
  • RSS Subscribe Wizard redesigned, added possibility to subscribe to multiple feeds from a site in one subscribe operation;
  • Possibility to subscribe to a feed by dragging an URL from a browser and dropping it on the Feeds pane;
  • Support for "Deleted Resources" (recycle bin for feed posts);
  • Possibility to edit the properties of multiselected feeds, or all feeds in a feed group;
  • Support of the <image> tag.


  • ;
  • Display of favicons for RSS feeds;
  • Wizard for subscribing to search feeds;
  • Added "Save As" action for RSS posts;
  • New option "Mark all items read when leaving the feed";
  • New option to automatically follow the link in an RSS post when the post is selected;
  • Possibility to send cookies from browser (IE or Mozilla) cache when downloading RSS feeds;

Bookmark Support Features

  • Full bookmark synchronization with Mozilla and Firefox (import and export);
  • Support for importing Opera bookmarks;
  • Display of favicons for bookmarked Web pages;
  • Possibility to send cookies from browser (IE or Mozilla) cache when downloading bookmarks

New Message List/Tree Control

Tokaj includes a rewritten control for displaying lists and trees of resources. It is currently used in the following places:


main resource browser, the left sidebar


panes and a number of dialogs.

The control currently provides the following improvements:

  • Support for multi-line (Outlook 2003 style) display of items;
  • Auto-preview support;
  • Support for grouping items in the view;
  • Correct operation of tooltips, multiselection and other features that did not always work properly in the 1.0 release;
  • Better incremental search implementation;
  • Possibility to copy the text of the selected items to clipboard;
  • Use of XP themes for drawing checkboxes in the list;
  • Better performance and stability.

The following new column configuration features have been added:

  • "Show if not empty" and "Show if distinct" options for showing columns;
  • Column autosizing;
  • Possibility to apply column settings to a specific view, instead of all views showing resources of specific types;
  • Possibility to restore default column settings.

Search Improvements

  • Support for partial word searches (* and ? wildcards are now supported);
  • Better display of contexts for search results;
  • Added search history in the Advanced Search dialog;
  • Phrasal search results are always highlighted correctly;
  • Better diagnostics for incorrect search queries and stopwords/stoptokens;
  • Possibility to navigate between search results within a document found by search (Search | Next Search Result, Search | Previous Search Result);
  • Critical amount of space is now monitored by the Search module - text index is not updated when amount of space on HD becomes less than 50M. After free space is again available, missed documents are rerequested for indexing.

Rules and Views Improvements

  • Added rules for changing the Omea tray icon;
  • Added rules for automatic clean up of old news articles and RSS posts (expiration rules);
  • Implemented unified rule manager dialog for all types of rules;
  • Possibility to pin conditions in the view, rule and advanced search forms, so that frequently used conditions are always readily accessible;
  • The "Apply Rules" dialog allows to choose the resources to which rules will be applied, and its performance has been improved;
  • Possibility to display views in threaded mode;
  • "Hide Read Messages" option works for views;
  • "Choose Resource Types" dialog shows resource type icons;
  • Added search history in the Advanced Search dialog;
  • Phrasal search results are always highlighted correctly;
  • Better diagnostics for incorrect search queries and stopwords/stoptokens.
  • Possibility to reorder Formatting and TrayIcon rules, check on/off these rules.;
  • Visible links are created between resources which are used as rule parameters and their rules. These rules are visible in the Links Pane. Currently available only for Contacts and Tasks.;
  • Possibility to use "Far Unread" view - list of unread items from the relatively far past.
  • Critical amount of space is now monitored by the Search module - text index is not updated when amount of space on HD becomes less than 50M. After free space is again available, missed documents are rerequested for indexing.
  • New condition "Subject contains text".
  • hours" as the unit of time in time-based conditions;
  • Possibility to copy views;

New Conditions for Views and Rules

  • Author has an RSS Feed
  • Author posted a news article
  • Author wrote an RSS post
  • From, To or CC with contact
  • With the following category(ies) and its subcategories
  • Email is of specified importance
  • Post is a reply in my thread
  • Resource is a clipping
  • Resource is categorized
  • Resource is deleted
  • Enclosure downloading is completed
  • Enclosure downloading is failed
  • Enclosure downloading is planned
  • Enclosure is not downloaded
  • Enclosure is of specified type
  • Enclosure size is in range
  • Post has an enclosure
  • Post has comment(s)
  • Task reminder is dated by timespan
  • Last correspondence is received during period
  • Subject contains text.

New Rule Actions

  • Delete Resource
  • Delete Resource permanently
  • Download Enclosure
  • Set specified importance

Newspaper View Improvements

  • Possibility to apply newspaper mode to views;
  • Possibility to enable the newspaper view only for specific feeds or feed groups;
  • Possibility to apply actions to invidivual items in the newspaper view;
  • Paging for newspapers with many items;
  • Possibility to filter the items displayed in the newspaper by a view;
  • Possibility to view RSS clippings in newspaper view.

Contact Management Improvements

  • Proper support for removing email account from a Contact - all correspondence related to this email account is retargeted to newly created contact.
  • Possibility to delete contacts;
  • Possibility to assign contact categories from the "Edit Contact" form.

General Improvements


  • ;
  • Added distinction between personal and group accounts for the Myself contact. Personal accounts belong exclusively to the contact; mail from/to these accounts is linked to the Myself contact regardless of the sender/recipient name used in the message. Mail from/to group accounts is linked to the Myself contact only if the sender/recipient name matches the name of the Myself contact.