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There are 2 projects in YouTrack related to IntelliJ IDEA:

IntelliJ IDEA (

This is the main tracker project, containing all the issues that are planned to be implemented or fixed in IntelliJ IDEA in the near future. Both issues submitted by external users and issues coming from the team are filed there.

If the description is not clear, or more information is needed, an assignee (or the person sorting the feedback) shall ask the reporter for more information. Such issues can be marked with the "need-reply" tag. If the submitter does not respond for 30 days, we assume that the problem went away or lost its severity, so we resolve it as "Incomplete".

Hard-to-reproduce bugs shall be assigned to one of the testers. If the tester fails to reproduce it and the submitter does not provide more information, issue shall be resolved as "Cannot reproduce".

Support-like issues ("I cannot find a way to compile my project...") shall be assigned to Sergey Baranov (IDEA technical support specialist).

If the issue is unlikely to be resolved in the nearest future it shall be moved to IDEABKL.

IDEA Backlog (

This project contains issues which we do not plan to implement in the nearest future (1-2 releases). There are several reasons for an issue to be moved to IDEABKL:

  • The feature is really useful, but there is no practical way to implement this feature soon (technical problems, resource limitations).
  • The feature is OK, but there are many more important features already planned for implementation.
  • The team considers the issue as not useful/critical enough.
  • The feature is OK, but it just does not feel right in IDEA.
  • We fully agree that the issue should be fixed, we just do not know how (usually because of some problem in JDK or 3rd party library).
  • The feature looks reasonable, but the we are not sure how useful it actually is, so we are asking for more feedback. Users are encouraged to express their position (both in favour and against) through voting and comments.

We periodically scan IDEABKL project for:

  • Issues most voted for
  • Issues most actively commented (with new arguments in favour of implementing/fixing)
  • Issues with the highest severity

and move the most deserving issues to IDEA (though there is no formal rules for making such a decision).


To get notifications on what happens in the tracker, you can subscribe to RSS feeds in each of the projects. RSS feeds are available for any filters you create.