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In some cases, you have to deal with raw node pointers (aka SNodeReference). Working with it usually puzzles because unlike "node<>" type it has no sense about a concept of a node that it refers. To make working with node pointers easier we introduce new "node-ptr<>" type. Such pointers can be resolved to an actual node via "resolve" operation. Along with it, we introduce "node-ptr/ ... /" expression that creates , a pointer to a specified node.modern counterpart to old "nodePointer/ ... /" construction.

When setting a target to a reference link there is no need for accessing to a target node, having a pointer to target is enough. But smodel language has no approach to do it in a concise way. Since 2018.1 it becomes possible with "set ptr" operation that applicable on reference link access expressions. Similarly, to check that some node is a specific one, there is "is" operation available.