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Build 2017.3.9

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22 Fixed issues
22 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12362 live templates stopped supporting "Shorten FQ name" in scala (intellij 4)
  • SCL-12787 Cannot create test configurations for classes having a parameter
  • SCL-12999 Can't open Preferences from IDEA Welcome screen: NPE in hydra.compiler
  • SCL-12985 deadlock in sbt shell
  • SCL-12791 The Editor cannot resolve "interp" in Ammonite script
  • SCL-12864 False errors reported when using ammonite.ops
  • SCL-12961 Can't resolve library in amm script import
  • SCL-13003 exception in ScalaPositionManager.getSourcePosition for GeneratedLocation
  • SCL-12818 IDEA doesn't show sbt toolwindows in LightBend Template or Play2 projects
  • SCL-12286 Good code red: Java doesn't recognize Scala generics
  • SCL-12917 Unexpected dialog about imported modules during SBT project import
  • SCL-12916 IIE when import a basic sbt project
  • SCL-12894 uTest BeforeEach not working with IntelliJ 2017.3 EAP
  • SCL-10574 Bug in collection inspection
  • SCL-12675 map+flatten inspection changes code behavior
  • SCL-12900 "overRidden" is misspelled as "overRiden" (e.g. in tooltip for overridden methods)
  • SCL-12299 Code Style: broken closure braces formatting
  • SCL-13005 NPE in ScalaSyntheticProvider
  • SCL-12981 use sbt folder and file icons in open project file chooser
  • SCL-12988 Use `&&` instead of `Both`
  • SCL-10483 Convert map + flatten to flatMap bug
  • SCL-12622 new icons for sbt

Build 2017.3.6

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