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  • better completion in the IDE: Kotlin 1.1 introduced a way to limit functions available in a particular scope, which allows having a better completion in the IDE.
  • the ability to validate settings before applying them to the TeamCity server. Plugins now mark their mandatory properties and TeamCity will reject settings from the VCS without such properties specified (e.g. a Git VCS root without the url). You can also provide a custom validation logic by overriding the validate() method in your classes.
  • the ability to use external libraries in your Kotlin DSL code, which allows sharing code between different Kotlin DSL-based projects
  • the dedicated DSL for new plugins bundled with TeamCity
  • debugging of the Maven task generating TeamCity configs.

UI Improvements

TeamCity 20122017.2 comes with polished web UI, bringing you a number of improvements. We also unveil a set of pages which use components built with React and serve data provided by the TeamCity REST API.