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  • Calcutta EAP (build 7940) Release Notes

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We are in the bugfixing stage now so there are not much features being implemented.

Eclipse Plugin

  • Remote Run support for Perforce (Delayed Commit is not yet available, but will be soon).
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    To use Perforce, you will need to have P4WSAD plugin installed in Eclipse. Please make sure you initialize Perforce support after opening the project before using TeamCity Remote Run.
  • Support for Subversion is no more Subversion integration plugin-specific. It will work even without any Subversion integration installed in Eclipse: bundled SVNKit library is used.

    Current version supports only Subversion 1.5 working copies. Please do not install Eclipse plugin if you still use Subversion 1.4 working copy format. This limitation will be eliminated in the next builds.

  • Ability to commit personal build changes manually
  • Display unversioned files in the Remote Run dialog

Improved Popups



The results popup now uses horizontal layout instead of vertical one and has improved layout of build links.

Build configurations on the overview page now have new popup for quick access for some of its tabs:
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Other Improvements

  • Ability to sort search results by build start time in addition to default by relevance sorting. The sorting is available on the search results page.
  • Ipr-based runners (IPR, Inspections and Duplicates) now have dedicated "Reparse" button that initiates retrieving ipr from the version control to present the options necessary for the project configuration.
  • Improvements in the support of Perforce client mapping configured in TeamCity. e.g. mapping of all files in a directory without subdirectories is supported now.