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Note: Only language highlighting is supported by the PL/SQL editor for now.



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Connection Manager


Flexible database connectivity management.
 -  Connections configurable Connections configurable in scope of project or module
 -  Persistent Persistent mapping between connection/schema and sql scripts for providing code completion, navigation and statement execution capabilities.
 - Connection pooling for concurrent database access and dedicated connectivity (managed internally)
 - Silent connectivity restoring in case of database linkage breaks (e.g. idle session timeouts, administrative session kills)
 - Virtual connections for deciding the .sql dialect of the mapped file (no real database behind)


Object Browser

Tool window displaying available connections and the database objects.
 - Tree-wise visualization of database connections and hierarchical objects structure
 - Linkage to the script editor (providing navigation from resolved identifiers in the editor)
 - Contextual popup menu with supported operations on each database object (e.g. compile, execute, refresh lists)
 - Several embedded navigation capabilities in contextual popup menu (e.g. from column to its constraints, from synonym to underlying object)
 - Trigger for database object editor and method execution 
 - Navigation history, speed search capabilities

Note: Refreshing objects feature is still in testing phase and not available yet (because of critical system instability hazard)

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Execution Engine

Code Editor