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  • Calcutta EAP (build 7888) Release Notes

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It is now possible to trigger a history build for builds with source dependencies.

Ability to stop multiple builds from the same dependency graph

When stopping a build or removing a build from the queue, you will be presented with a dialog listing all the builds belonging to the same dependency graph as the one being stopped. You then can select the builds that you want to stop.

Artifact dependencies

Patterns of artifacts now support Ant-like wildcards.
Please note that if you relied on "*" pattern to match directory names, you will need to adjust your pattern to use "**/*" instead of single "*".
Also, if you relied on the "*" pattern to download only the files without extension, please update your pattern to use "*." for that.


  • Subversion 1.5 externals format is now supported


  • bugfixing and speedup

VCS trigger:

  • now quiet period is more fair, i.e. if there were no changes within the specified quiet period a build is added to the queue for the last detected change and when the build starts is started no changes collecting is performed.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add a comment to a build
  • Ability to trigger a build on all compatible agents: see the last option in the "Agent" chooser of the Run Custom Build dialog.
  • Search by change file names is now ON turned on by default
  • Ability to add a comment to a build
  • Project copying has been improved to include ability to copy project-related notifications for all users
  • Stop / Remove from queue dialogs for builds part of dependency graph is improved
  • Duration sub total is shown for filtered tests on the Tests tab
  • CVS plugin bugfixing and speedup