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Builds Sequence Improvements

Propagating build failure status through dependencies

Now a build that depends on a failed build will always fail with appropriate text in the build status


Now you can configure whether to use already finished/running builds as source of the build dependencies or trigger a new build each time a build with dependencies is triggered. The build can be reused in dependencies only if it suits by all other parameters (it used the necessary revisions and had no custom parameters set).

The option available is whether to take as dependency only successful builds or any suitable one.

You can also There is also an option to limit builds reusing only to successful builds.

Run Custom Build dialog now also has an option to trigger a build enforcing rebuild of all dependencies to be rebuilt via Run Custom Build dialogits dependencies.

Option to preserve dependency builds from cleanup

We have also added an option in cleanup rules to turn off preserving dependency builds from cleanup. Now for each build configuration you can configure whether you want to preserve or not the artifacts of the builds that this configuration depends on.

Enforce dependencies rebuilding in custom build dialog

If custom build dialog is opened for a build with source dependencies then it is now possible to request rebuilding of the full build graph (i.e. to override build reuse option).

History builds with source dependencies

It is now possible to trigger a history build having for builds with source dependencies.

Artifact dependencies