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  • Calcutta EAP (build 7888) Release Notes

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Version Control Integration Improvements


  • can now label the build's sources even if custom client mapping is specified in the VCS configuration.
  • excludes in custom client mapping are now supported.


  • Subversion 1.5 externals format is now supported.


  • bugfixing and speedup

VCS trigger:

  • now quiet period is more fair, i.e. if there were no changes within the specified quiet period a build is added to the queue for the last detected change and when the build is started no changes collecting is performed.

Open-source plugins

We have opened sources of ClearCase VCS integration and Eclipse TeamCity plugin. We use the repository as our primary storage for the plugins sources and all our current work is done in the repository. The sources correspond to our current state of the sources (that we release as EAP builds).

If you feel like investigating the sources and can propose a patch, go ahead! Let us know what you think in the TeamCity plugins forum.

Other Improvements

  • Ability to add a comment to a build.
  • Ability to trigger a build on all compatible agents: see the last option of the Agent drop-down list of the Run Custom Build dialog.
  • Search by build and pin comments, change set and file revisions is now turned on by default.
  • Project copying improvements: now the project-related notifications for all users are also copied.
  • Duration sub-total is shown for filtered tests on the Tests tab.