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  1. Click the Create build configuration button and select Pointing to Bitbucket Cloud repository.
    • If you do not have a Bitbucket connection configured, you will be redirected to the Connections page. Set up the connection as described here, then follow the steps below.
    • If you have a Bitbucket connection configured, follow the steps below.
  2. On the Create  Build Configuration From BitBucket Bitbucket Cloud page, select a repository. TeamCity will verify the repository connection. If the Connection is verified, the new page opens.
  3. TeamCity will display the project and build configuration name. If required,  modify the names and click Proceed.
  4. TeamCity will add a VCS build trigger and attempt to auto-detect build steps: Ant, NAnt, Gradle, Maven, MSBuild, Visual Studio solution files, PowerShell, Xcode project files, Rake, and IntelliJ IDEA projects.
    On the Auto-detected Build Steps page select the step(s) to use in your build configuration. Click Use selected
    If no steps found, you will have to configure build steps manually.
  5. Your project and a build configuration are configured. Click the Run button to start the build.
    (info) Depending on the build configuration settings, TeamCity can suggest some additional configuration options. Review the suggested settings  and configure required ones.