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  • SurveyGizmo - For surveys, we occasionally run
  • Statwing - For analysis of survey data
  • QuickTapSurvey - For running quizzes and surveys at conference booths and other locations
  • Piktochart - For data visualization
  • Facebook - We have a JetBrains Facebook page and often run Facebook campaigns
  • Google - We use Google Analytics on our sites as well as business accounts for email and docs. Also, some products collect usage stats via Google Analytics.
  • LinkedIn - We have a LinkedIn Page and often run campaigns
  • Yandex - We use Yandex analytics on some local sites
  • Twitter - We have Twitter accounts and often run campaigns
  • Adyen - Our payment processor
  • HotJar - For analytics on our websites 
  • ZenDesk - For Support System


None of the services above are integrated with any of our tools such as our IDE's or Team-ware tools. Some of our products such as our IDE's built on the IntelliJ platform as well as TeamCity, have plugin support, meaning third-party people and vendors can provide additional functionality on these products. Per our privacy policy, we are not responsible nor control the services with which these plugins might interact.