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  • Indore 2017.1 EAP1 (build 45965) Release Notes

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  • Modifiable Build Queue Optimization: Prior to this version, TeamCity optimized the build queue by automatically replacing queued builds with an earlier started build or a more recent queued build if the builds used the same change set and the same custom properties. This default behavior can now be manually disabled via the corresponding option in the VCS Build Trigger and Schedule Build Trigger.

  • TeamCity plugin for IntelliJ-based products supports remote run from TFS now.

  • The maintainDB tool now has a new option,  -I ( which stands for 'internal'). It is to be used in combination with -D ('database') option to to restore TeamCity into a new instance of the embedded HSQL database. 
  • It is now possible to override build triggers defined in a template.

  • TeamCity now detects problems with agents upgrade and shows health report.

  • You can test the connection to your VCS when configuring Commit Status Publisher.

  • TeamCity users can now retrieve forgotten passwords.

  • There is a handy way to quickly copy a failed test exception stacktrace to the clipboard.

  • The test name character limit has been increased to 1024.

  • CSRF protection has been implemented.

  • TeamCity-JIRA issue tracker integration now supports automatic project ids synchronization: when configuring the connection, all project ids can be loaded from a JIRA server automatically. If a new project is added to this JIRA server,  TeamCity will detect it and automatically synchronize the list of projects.

  • IntelliJ IDEA Project runner supports 'Build Artifacts' tasks specified in the 'Before launch' list of IDEA run configurations.

  • When the "Show changes from snapshot dependencies" option is used, TeamCity shows which dependent build the changes come from. On hovering over the  icon (in the Changes pop-up on the Build configuration overview page and on the Changes tab for a build) the number of the dependent build is displayed; clicking the link opens the Сhanges tab of the dependent build.

  • Fixed issues