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TeamCity integrates with NuGet package manager and when NuGet is installed provides the following capabilities:

  • NuGet feed based on the builds' published artifacts
  • A set of NuGet runners to be used in builds on Windows OS; and since TeamCity 2017.1 on Linux and Mac OSX when Mono is installed on the agent. Only NuGet 3.2+ on Mono 4.4.2+ is supported.
    • the NuGet Installer build runner, which installs and updates NuGet packages
    • the NuGet Pack build runner, which builds NuGet packages
    • the NuGet Publish build runner, which publishes packages to a feed of your choice



Publishing of NuGet symbol packages to the internal TeamCity feed may cause issues when using an external source server. See the corresponding issue in our public tracker.

Proxy Configuration

NuGet command line client supports proxy server configuration via NuGet.config file parameters or environment variables. See NuGet documentation for more details.

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