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  • Hajipur 9.0 EAP1 (build 31423) Release Notes

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  • The TeamCity plugin loader now supports plugin dependencies.
  • Visual Studio Addin now supports Resharper 8.2 and dotCover 2.7
  • Server health reports checking build trigger configuration errors added
  • LDAP integration has a reworked error reporting which is now more likely to produce more specific and guiding error messages
  • fixed issues (\{Hajipur+9.0+EAP1+(31420)\}+tag%3A+-\{trunk+issue\}+-\{Gaya+8.1+%2829879%29\}+-\{Gaya+8.1.1+%2829939%29\}+-\{Gaya+8.1.2+%2829993%29\}+-\{Gaya+8.1.3+%2830101%29\}+-\{Gaya+8.1.4+%2830168%29\}+-Task+sort+by%3A+\{issue+id\}+asc)