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Code Block{{[<simplified VCS root name>|#simplified_VCS_root_name]}}

Where <simplified VCS root name> is the VCS root name as described above.

When TeamCity starts a build in configuration where Branch specification is configured it adds branch label to each build. This branch label is also available as configuration parameter:

Code Block

TeamCity can start build in default and non-default branch, additional parameter available since 7.1.5 allows to distinguish these cases:

Code Block|false

Agent Properties

Agent-specific properties are defined on each build agent and vary depending on its environment. Aside from standard properties (for example, or os.arch, etc. — these are provided by JVM running on agent) agents also have properties based on installed applications. TeamCity automatically detects a number of applications including the presence of .NET Framework, Visual Studio and adds the corresponding system properties and environment variables. A complete list of predefined agent-specific properties is provided in the table below.