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Issue Tracker integration

Issues are now first class citizens in TeamCity. Out of the box TeamCity integrates with Jira, Bugzilla and Jetbrains own tracker Charisma. Plugins can be written to support other trackers. There is also Open API for working with issues.

Issue tracker integration is configured on a separate tab of the Server configuration page:

After that TeamCity will start recognizing issue ids mentioned in the change or build comments and associate issues with builds. You can see issue details by moving your mouse over issue id:

If build contains changes with issues mentioned in them, then new tab will appear where build related issues are shown:

There is also Issue Log page made similar to Changes Log. It shows issues detected by TeamCity optionally grouped by builds:

TeamCity can also determine in what build an issue is fixed. This works provided all the related checkins have issue id in the comment and developer resolves the issue in the issue tracker. Is this assumption true for your organization? Let us know how do you want to improve the issue tracker integration.

Java and .NET Coverage

Coverage support was significantly improved in TeamCity 5.0 for both Java and .NET.

For Java TeamCity supports new coverage engine: IntelliJ IDEA built-in coverage. Note that there is a known bug in coverage merging:

For .NET TeamCity 5.0 supports NCover and PartCover coverage engines and you no longer need to integrate coverage manually.


Single change status page

Status of the change across all of the build configurations can now be seen on a single page:

Web-UI for artifact-based (report) tabs customization

In previous versions of TeamCity artifact-based tabs can only be configured by editing configuration files manually. Now there is convenient UI for these tasks.

Custom report tabs configuration UI for builds:

Custom report tabs configuration UI for project page (available at the bottom of the edit project settings page):




You can now easily archive no longer active projects. Archived projects will be shown on the separate tab in the Administration area, their build configurations will be paused and changes collecting for their VCS roots will be stopped (if VCS roots are not shared with active projects). Builds however can be triggered manually, and project/build configuration settings can be edited.

Separate permission controls access to this function. By default this permission is available to project administrators.