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  • Release Notes for Agra, build 3811

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Now it is possible to specify maximum number of concurrently running builds for a build configuration.

Bug fixes & improvements

TW-1876 Maven build runner gets stuck in dependency resolution loop

Several fixes and performance improvements in build log.

  • OpenAPI: Notification templates engine now allows customization from plugins: a plugin is able to register its own patterns and processors for this patterns.
  • Maven build runner gets stuck in dependency resolution loop
  • TW-1879 LDAP login allows login with invalid credentials
  • TW-1851 IPR runner incorrectly shows project modules as unresolved
  • TW-1872 IPR runner: Detection of global libraries fails
  • TW-1903 Load build log lazily
  • TW-1808 VisualStudio 2005 addin: "No IDE responded"
  • TW-1709 Build is marked obsolete even if single ping to agent fails
  • TW-1679 Not getting latest changes from Perforce 2002.2
  • Full list of fixed bugs