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  • (tick) Major usability improvements for editing forms
  • (tick) Support for multiple layout managers (GridBagLayout, JGoodies Forms, CardLayout, BorderLayout etc.)
  • (tick) Support for custom component creation code
  • Possibility to generate code using GridBagLayout (no more without forms_rt.jar requirement)
  • (tick) Support for all many more Swing components and property types (colors, fonts, icons, list models, setLabelFor, client properties, etc)
  • HIG-compliant borders, spacing and indents, baseline alignment
  • (tick) Support for nested forms
  • (tick) Possibility to create and navigate to event handlers and Swing actions from the form designer
  • (tick) UI inspections (automatic checking for UI guidelines compliance)
  • (tick) Possibility to capture UI forms from running Java application

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