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  • Omea Tokaj Release Notes

Versions Compared


  • This line was added.
  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • Support for partial word searches (* * and ? wildcards are now supported)*;
  • Better display of contexts for search results;
  • Added search history in the Advanced Search dialog;
  • Phrasal search results are always highlighted correctly;
  • Better diagnostics for incorrect search queries and stopwords/stoptokens;
  • Possibility to navigate between search results within a document found by search (Search | Next Search Result, Search | Previous Search Result);
  • Critical amount of space is now monitored by the Search module - text index is not updated when amount of space on HD becomes less than 50M. After free space is again available, missed documents are rerequested for indexing.


  • Added rules for changing the Omea tray icon;
  • Added rules for automatic clean up of old news articles and RSS posts (expiration rules);
  • Implemented unified rule manager dialog for all types of rules;
  • Possibility to pin conditions in the view, rule and advanced search forms, so that frequently used conditions are always readily accessible;
  • The "Apply Rules" dialog allows to choose the resources to which rules will be applied, and its performance has been improved;
  • Possibility to display views in threaded mode;
  • "Hide Read Messages" option works for views;
  • "Choose Resource Types" dialog shows resource type icons;
  • Possibility to reorder Formatting and TrayIcon rules, check on/off these rules;
  • Visible links are created between resources which are used as rule parameters and their rules. These rules are visible in the Links Pane. Currently available only for Contacts and Tasks;
  • Possibility to use "hours" as the unit of time in time-based conditions;
  • Possibility to copy views;

New Conditions


for Views and Rules

  • "Subject contains text";
  • "Task has priority";
  • Author has an RSS Feed
  • Author posted a news article
  • Author wrote an RSS post
  • From, To or CC with contact
  • With the following category(ies) and its subcategories
  • Email is of specified importance
  • Post is a reply in my thread
  • Resource is a clipping
  • Resource is categorized
  • Resource is deleted
  • Enclosure downloading is completed
  • Enclosure downloading is failed
  • Enclosure downloading is planned
  • Enclosure is not downloaded
  • Enclosure is of specified type
  • Enclosure size is in range
  • Post has an enclosure
  • Post has comment(s)
  • Task reminder is dated by timespan
  • Last correspondence is received during period
  • Subject contains text.

New Rule Actions

  • Delete Resource
  • Delete Resource permanently
  • Download Enclosure
  • Set specified importance

Newspaper View Improvements