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Build 2021.2.12

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14 Fixed issues
14 Fixed issues
  • SCL-18693 False Unknown artifact inspection message
  • SCL-19167 Optimize imports in twirl template removes @-character from import declaration
  • SCL-19249 Slow operations are prohibited on EDT (in formatting?)
  • SCL-17436 Introduce integration with package search plugin
  • SCL-19257 'sbt with bloop' import does not include the `scala-library` in the classpath, failing to import
  • SCL-19202 Project from Existing Source: "enable debugging" UI element is not shown while hint icon is show
  • SCL-18966 scala3: enum cases are marked as "Class must either be declared abstract or implement abstract member 'canEqual(that: Any): Boolean'
  • SCL-19230 BSP import should trigger workspace/reload BSP request
  • SCL-7955 Implicit parameter is not picked up
  • SCL-18982 Fix InsertGapIntoStringIntention
  • SCL-19252 Add derevo library
  • SCL-19255 Complete freeze following any editor action makes IDE unusable
  • SCL-19135 Enum case must implement `ordinal`
  • SCL-19270 Severity setting not applied to Updating Library Dependency to Newer Stable Version Inspection

Build 2021.2.10

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