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  • Hajipur 9.0 EAP3 (build 31886) Release Notes

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Before this build, you could manage your custom charts by manually modifying the <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects/<ProjectID>/pluginData/plugin-settings.xml file. Now you can create a new chart:

  • on the Statistics tab for a project or build configuration using the Add new chart button.
  • on the Parameters tab of the build results page, where the list of Reported statistic values provides checkboxes to select the statistic value for a new project- or build-configuration-level chart.

More details on this feature are available in our documentation.


New options were introduced for Perforce VCS roots:

  • TW-38323 - support for p4 clean introduced in Perforce 2014.1
  • TW-37673 - added ability to provide extra p4 sync options, like --parallel
  • We've added an internal property to avoid clean checkout when Perforce client mapping is modified, please see this comment.

7-zip support for published artifacts


But sometimes when you start a chain, you want to push a parameter to some or all chain nodes from the top build. It is now possible in this EAP build. With the example above, if you want to start a chain B -> A and push the parameter param to B, you can add a parameter with the name dep.B.param to A, either in a custom build dialog or via build configuration parameters. If you want to push parameters to all dependencies, you can use dep.* in the parameter name: dep.*.param.

Other Improvements

  • instead of old school DTD files for project configuration files, TeamCity now uses XML schema:
  • added ability to filter changes by revision on the Change Log page
  • build presentation is unified across web interface
  • Java web start agent installation package is removed from the distribution
  • "Use mirrors" option has been added to Git VCS root settings page (previously was available via a configuration parameter)
  • "Use mirrors" option has been added to Mercurial VCS root settings page (
  • better git/hg progress reporting for agent-side checkout, now all executed commands are shown in a build log
  • fixed issues (\{Hajipur+9.0+EAP3+%2831886%29}+-\{trunk+issue}+-Task+fix+versions%3A+-8.1.6)