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Download IntelliJ IDEA 14

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IntelliJ IDEA 14 has been released. Please download it from []

IntelliJ IDEA 14.0.4 build 139.1603, released on March 24th, 2015


Download IntelliJ IDEA 14 Community Edition

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IntelliJ IDEA 14 has been released. Please download it from []





Windows installer (includes bundled JRE 1.8u31)


Unix archive


Mac installer

Experimental ideaIC-139.1602-jdk-bundled.dmg

Mac installer (includes bundled JRE 1.8u31)


Source tarball


Notable changes in IntelliJ IDEA 14

  • Code Coverage tool, Structural Search and Replace, and Type Migration refactoring have become available in IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
  • General IDE
    • The new wizard that helps configure the IDE on start-up
    • The improved Find in path action now can search within files with unknown extensions and within the .idea configuration files. It also uses indices when searching for strings that contain a part of an identifier (3 characters and longer.)
    • Indexing: upon changes in used libraries or excluded directories indexing is restarted with new settings
    • Indexing: upon changes from VCs or other external changes indexing is performed asynchronously
    • Copy/paste selected code as HTML/RTF is now available without additional plugins.
    • Plugin update is performed on patch download: one restart to update plugins less
    • Some of the startup activities are now performed in background, so many editor/VCS actions are now available earlier
      The new Code cleanup action (available via Analyze → Code Cleanup or as an option in the VCS commit dialog) applies quick-fixes in batch mode to selected files.
  • Java debugger
    • Rewritten using the new API, with unified Debugger tool window for all languages.
    • The Watches tab now persists expressions (and remembers it even after you close it.)
    • Breakpoints can now be arranged by user groups.
    • Hidden elements of long arrays and collections are displayed on demand, you no longer need to edit the view settings for that.
  • Java editor
    • Backspace smart indent makes the Backspace key aware of your code formatting settings, so it doesn’t break your code when removing indents before caret.
    • The new folding that shows parameter names for method values
  • Opening class files decompiles content with FernFlower Java decompiler
  • JavaFX:
    • SceneBuilder 2.0 is now available as UI designer so you don’t need to leave IntelliJ IDEA to work with .fxml files (requires IntelliJ IDEA to run on Java 8.)
  • JUnit:
    • Categories support
    • Parameterized tests: allow to rerun test with chosen parameter value
    • Test templates (so static imports can be preconfigured)
    • Now it’s possible to generate tests for methods and add them to an existing JUnit test class.
  • Spring:
    • Performance when handling Spring projects with large numbers of XML descriptor files has been significantly improved.
    • The Select In action now also can navigate to the Spring tool window.
    • The new plugin with Spring Websocket support.
  • Grails and Gradle now work better together (
  • Groovy 2.3 Traits support
  • Mercurial
    • The Push dialog has been improved.
    • The Log viewer loads faster.
    • The option to revert uncommitted merge and update from the Log viewer reverting the current changes.
    • Displaying of the current revision in the Log viewer.
    • Many other enhancements, including the notification about incoming/outgoing changes.
  • Web development:
    • Postfix code completion for JavaScript
    • Spy.js and Node.js now can run together via new run configuration
  • Plugin Development Tools
    • New inspections and other code insight
    • Test assistance framework: test data navigation, caret detection, etc.
    • API changes