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Early Access Program for JetBrains WebStorm 7

WebStorm 7.0.1 2 (build 131.385515) has been released. Download it from

WebStorm 7.0.2 Release Candidate 2. Active license is required.







|| Platform || WebStorm ||
| Windows | [WebStorm-7.0.2-RC2.exe


Mac OS X

|] |
| Mac OS X | [WebStorm-7.0.2-RC2.dmg



|] |
| Unix | [WebStorm-7.0.2-RC2.tar.gz



|] |
| ZIP | [|] |

What's New in WebStorm 7

  • Completely redesigned JavaScript debugger backend for Chrome based on WebKit Remote Debugging Protocol, as well as for Node.JS based on the V8 protocol
  • Redesigned Live Edit (now works in the context of a debug session)
  • "Elements" tab in the JavaScript debugger, showing the live HTML contents of the page being debugged
  • Simplified Node.js remote debug — you don't need to specify local directory and remote path.
  • Stylus support
  • Compass support
  • NPM integration
  • Integration with Karma test runner (note: currently works only with karma@canary, the latest development version)
  • Integration with Istanbul code coverage engine
  • Bundled plugin for Mustache and Handlebars templates support
  • Support for EJS templates
  • Initial support for Web Components
  • Support for TypeScript 0.9
  • New structure view for less/sass/scss
  • Breadcrumbs in less/sass/scss
  • Suppressible inspections in css/less/sass/scss
  • New css intentions for colors conversion
  • Configurable built-in web server port (
  • Built-in web server supports custom host name
  • Debugging asynchronously loaded js content is possible, we support jquery.getScript (
  • New JavaScript intentions: "Convert for loop to forEach call on array", "Simplify array creation"
  • Improved completion for parameters of getElementById()
  • Code insight support for package.json files
  • Redesigned REST Client UI with support for requests history, import/export, compressed responses and other improvements
  • Internal refactorings and code cleanup to enable faster development of new features and framework integrations