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  • Faradi 7.0 EAP (build 20334) Release Notes

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Table of Contents

New agent pools administration interface

We reworked agent pools administration interface, and we would appreciate any feedback on it.

.NET Inspections runner (based on R#)

New .NET Inspections runner based on ReSharper inspections engine is now available. .NET duplicates runner has got major update too.


New duplicates runner configuration screen:

Global Maven settings

Now it is possible to define global (per server) settings xml files, and use them in your Maven builds.


Then in each Maven build step you can specify which settings xml to use: default (chosen by Maven), specified by path or global (uploaded on server).

Fail build on a specific text in build log

Build failure condition to fail build on a specific text in build log has been improved. You can read more about it in this blog post.

Per-check-in builds

VCS trigger now supports two new options:


If second option is enabled, and there are several pending changes, TeamCity will group them by user and will start builds having single user changes only.

Graph of commits on the build configuration changelog page

If your project uses Git or Mercurial you can see graph of commits on build configuration change log page. Graphs are also useful for non-DAG-based VCSes, they make it easier to understand where a VCS root modification comes from.

Reworked snapshot dependencies graph

Build dependencies tab has been reworked to show complete build chain formed by snapshot dependencies. The same view is also available on change details page.

Types for build properties (experimental)

Disclaimer: This feature is experimental and will be changed in the future releases. No data conversions will occur and you will need to re-enter all property descriptions again.


text label='My pretty and important name' required='true'
text hidden='true'
integer label='Number of retries' minValue='0' maxValue='10'
enum items='red;green;blue'
enum label='JVM Memory' items='small;medium;large' data_small='-Xmx100m' data_medium='-Xmx300m' data_large='-Xmx1000m'

Filtering messages in build log tree view

We continue improving tree view in build log, and with this EAP we added filter by message status, and also improved tree view presentation.

Other improvements

  • global, per-server build execution timeout, can be overridden on build configuration level
  • Performance Monitor is now a build feature and is not enabled by default (you'll need to add it explicitly), also it now supports MacOS X
  • NuGet integration improved
  • On My Changes page and on the page for an individual Change, you can see an estimate for queued builds associated with the change (see Builds tab)