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  • Eluru 6.5.4 (build 18046) Release Notes

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Usability Problem

  • TW-17891 - VS addin: No way to interrupt long Subversion command execution
  • TW-14720 - Custom backup options labels should not be gray
  • TW-14515 - Remove "Express" backup" from logs, use user-introduced terms
  • TW-14071 - Provide a link to creating backup on maintenance page (no automatic backup possible case)


  • TW-18289 - BuildTypeNotFoundException exception in the server log
  • TW-18270 - Dep parameters are not added for artifact dependencies of snapshot dep
  • TW-18162 - and artifacts are too large
  • TW-18136 - Cannot switch agents to JRE 1.6
  • TW-18119 - Checkout on agent fails for CVS in case there are two VCS roots, one of which has checkout rules
  • TW-18032 - FindBugs inspections count diffters in build status, inspection results and findbugs tool output
  • TW-18021 - Builds can be delayed in the queue not starting (long checking for changes for the first chain build case)
  • TW-18017 - IDEA runner failed to find tests in nested packages to run
  • TW-18013 - Spelling mistake in AssemblyInfo patcher
  • TW-17992 - No yellow warning on administration pages when internal database is used
  • TW-17991 - TeamCity does not recognize JDK 1.7 Javac error messages
  • TW-17937 - ClearCase plugin must use the date of the last change as current version
  • TW-17884 - My Changes tab opens with item selected from 4 months ago
  • TW-17863 - Code Inspection shows wrong line numbers for FindBugs
  • TW-17518 - "Failed to extract the testId from problem id" messages in cleanup log
  • TW-16560 - Incorrect agent perforce checkout for two VCS roots (specific files in Perforce client mapping case)
  • TW-15784 - Confusing error during server startup (antivirus case)
  • TW-15395 - Server does not start if no teamcity data directory created.
  • TW-14985 - NPE from jdbcConnection.prepareStatement on double server startup
  • TW-14718 - Backup settings form should show what does backup means on load
  • TW-14708 - Do not print stacktrace in server log on missing database driver (and other well known business-level errors)
  • TW-12761 - Agent priority not following true build speed
  • TW-12274 - Issue checking out CVS and Mercurial source within same build
  • TW-11743 - Display checking for changes status for queued first builds in the chain
  • TW-10761 - Cannot use label name in labeling rules: path not found: 404 Not Found
  • TW-10401 - Occasional TransportException: Remote does not have refs/heads/master available for fetch.


  • TW-18055 - EA-29436 - NSME: BuildConfigurationDetailsPanel.getSelectedBuildInstance
  • TW-18029 - EA-29402 - assert: CompositeElement.findChildByType
  • TW-17983 - EA-29276 - assert: ClsFileImpl.getStubTree
  • TW-15352 - Can not build with MSBuild

Performance Problem

  • TW-18147 - TeamCity tries to build an incremental patch even when fromRevision==toRevision for a VCS root
  • TW-17843 - Non-responsive UI with 6.5.2
  • TW-10622 - P4 checking for changes is too slow


  • TW-15457 - VSAddin error message on HTTPS connection failure should be improved