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How to Start Programming with MPS

The purpose of this tutorial (aka 'The Simplest Language' tutorial) is to show basic steps necessary to create an MPS language and write a program (solution) using that language.

By following the tutorial you will:

  • create new MPS project containing your language definition (SimplestLanguage) and 'sandbox' solution which uses the SimplestLanguage;
  • create definition of the SimplestLanguage. I.e. its structure (abstract syntax), editor (concrete syntax) and generator (semantic);
  • create test model, write some 'code' using the SimplestLanguage and generate the solution to text (shown in the output view). You can also choose to generate java files from the solution.

The Simplest Language screencast by Konstantin Solomatov
The Simplest Language screencast with excellent commentaries by Sebastien Arbogast

Also, a couple of earlier versions of the same tutorial: How To Start.. | Obsolete Getting Started With MPS

ToDo: nice to have the sample project attached


Extending the BaseLanguage screencast by Konstantin Solomatov
This screencast shows how BaseLanguage can be extended with a new kind of statement. It also gives an example of adding of a custom typesystem and control-flow analysis to your language.
ToDo: nice to have the sample project attached